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Outcry over rates, the little monster that goes up and down

Residents can rest assured. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is always possible to renegotiate interest rates, or even change them, under certain conditions. A characteristic of a local market that is not without interest, but on the condition that you do it...early!

Between fluctuations and certainties

When it comes to bank loans, the two types of rates (fixed or variable), which are the precursors to the start, are regularly dependent on the events likely to affect the financial markets and the various markets.

Even if the first alternative seems at first sight to be the most secure and the most economical, considering the stability that the fixed rate suggests at first sight, the second one can nevertheless prove to be just as profitable. Especially during economic cycles when money is cheap, as is the case during periods of generalized monetary easing.

Moreover, with regard to credit offers, requests for rate revisions are always possible, depending on the specific provisions made in advance of certain contracts. However, it is advisable to remain alert and to be ready (or even to opt for a rather proactive posture) for any eventuality.

However, it is important to remain alert and to be ready (or even to opt for a rather proactive posture) for any eventuality that may arise from decisions taken at the highest level in relation to monetary policies.

Especially if one considers the different impacts that these may have on the interest rates available at a given period in the context of a real estate loan.

A sudden and compelling push

For almost six months now, an increase in the price of raw materials, but also in the price of services specializing in the transport of these materials to different parts of the world, has been felt in all sectors of activity.

A new rise in inflation which seems to be a long-term trend, and which is also playing a full part in the recent upward movements in borrowing rates.

In any case, banks and other credit institutions, major players in the real estate market, are in turn dependent on the momentary or systemic upheavals of the "financial" world as to the packages they are able to offer their customers.

However, once this is established, the offers and credit terms that these same players are likely to propose will then be based on the

Once this has been established, the credit offers and terms that these same players are likely to propose will then be based on their own mode of (re)financing on the interbank (or even bond) market - whose key rates are themselves governed by the central banks.

Always renegotiate, all the time

In the tumult of an economic context such as that of the current time, the hazards (conjonctural or structural) responsible for the variations of the rates can make tremble as well as private individuals with limited means, as well as managers nevertheless experienced and dis- posing a financial base worthy of this name.

Particularly when the latter gradually fall into procrastination when it comes to buying a property. And this is one of the reasons why, when in doubt, everyone is welcome at

In this real estate agency, unlike any other, Georges Spanier and his seasoned staff know how to ignore the ups and downs that regularly shake the various markets, especially the property market.

For them, there is no problem that cannot be solved according to the needs and desires of each. And the same goes for the renegotiation of rates according to the possibilities of the moment and the aspirations of all.

The reward for loyalty and seriousness

CREDITSIMMO.LU does its utmost to satisfy anyone who needs its advice and expertise within the framework of loans offering a real package of interesting and remunerative conditions over time.

In order to do so, it has selected partnerships whose specializations allow, among other things, to reward the best customers through loans with significant advantages. Through this approach, and knowing that the percentage of a loan rate is generally based on a more or less long term, as well as on the evaluation of the risks to which the parties involved agree to expose themselves, makes it a point of honour to reward future owners who, through their sense of anticipation, know how to show wisdom in the management of their own funds and in their adapted financing needs. Tel: 00352 46 60 43 - 1


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