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Mandate and entering into relations

By my / our signature, I / we mandate / mandate CREDITSIMMO.LU to establish a feasibility study and a pre-analysis of our credit application. In the event that the analysis is positive, we authorize CREDITSIMMO.LU to establish a credit application on our behalf and to transmit all the information and data necessary for the granting of a mortgage with one or more financial institutions. partner and this in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was given to me / us before signature. For these purposes, we undertake to transmit in good time to CREDITSIMMO.LU all the information and documents necessary for the constitution of the credit file.

I / we accept that all the personal data necessary for the constitution of my / our credit file will also be stored and processed by CREDITSIMMO.LU and its employees within the legal framework.

In the context of what is indicated above, I / we release CREDITSIMMO.LU and its collaborators at the same time from banking and professional secrecy.

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